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Betty Hooper on TV3’s STORY on November 23rd, 2016

Betty Hooper of Hikurangi featured on TV3’s STORY on Wednesday, November the 23rd and spoke about her beliefs regarding ADD/ADHD and more.  Watch the show here:


Front Groups Exposed—50 Industry Groups Form a New Alliance to Manipulate Public Opinion About Junk Food, GMOs, and Harmful Additives

By Dr. Mercola

If you think it’s tough sorting truth from industry propaganda and lies, get ready for even tougher times ahead. More than 50 front groups, working on behalf of food and biotechnology trade groups―Monsanto being the most prominent―have formed a new coalition called Alliance to Feed the Future.

The alliance, which is being coordinated by the International Food Information Council (IFIC), was created to “balance the public dialogue” on modern agriculture and large-scale food production and technology, i.e. this group will aim to becomethe go-to source for “real” information about the junk being sold as “food.”

The groups comprising this new alliance represent multi-national food companies,biotech industry, and chemical companies that generate hundreds of billions of dollars worth of revenue from food related sales every year.

On the upside, this alliance and many other industry-sponsored front groups masquerading as non-profits and consumer protection organizations are becoming increasingly exposed for what they really are, and I will point out several of them in this article.

Michele Simon, JD, MPH, policy consultant with Center for Food Safety recently published a report titled: Best Public Relations Money Can Buy: A Guide to Food Industry Front Groups1 also reveals how the food and agricultural industryhide behind friendly-sounding organizations aimed at fooling the public, policymakers and media alike.

Many Industry Front Groups Are Created to Dominate Codex Discussions



Below are a few facts regarding research on hyperactivity:

1910  Dr George Gould discovered a relationship re: diet and behavior.

1940  Professor Ben Feingold ran trials regarding artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives plus salicylates, regarding diet. Continue reading


I had been told several times that ADD and ADHD were “world-wide problems,” however I did not believe it.  Thus, I looked for a country which did not experience these.  By chance I read an article about Cuba leading the world in organic farming and it mentioned there were no food-chains there.  Wow! That made me curious regarding children’s behavior there, so I wrote several letters to the Cuban authorities, but did not received a reply.  Continue reading