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Ritalin Is Not The Answer – Talk At Whangarei on May 1st, 2013

This is the first part of Betty Hooper’s presentation of May the 1st, 2013 at the Old Library in Whangarei at the Pecha Kucha Event.  She did not follow the usual Pecha Kucha format and spoke without slides for the first 6 or so minutes.  She spoke about what she has learnt about ADHD, including her research in Cuba in late-2005.  ADD/ADHD is not found in Cuba, where there are no fast food outlets, such as Burger King, McDonalds, or KFC. The food is organic and healthy. Children receive a free, freshly-cooked organic mid-day meal at school. In contrast, children in New Zealand are fed highly processed, sugar-rich food loaded with E number additives, such as food colouring and preservatives.
Ideally your children should be given water, well-diluted fruit juice or milk to drink, never fizzy drinks and meals should be made from fresh ingredients, low in sugar.
See “The Additive Code Breaker” by Maurice Hassen with Jill Marsden for more detailed information on E numbers.
Betty Hooper says “If it is in a packet, chuck it!”



PRE_BIRTH: Extreme activity in the womb. Prolonged hiccups. Vigorous kicking, (some mothers have complained of bruised ribs).

BABY-HOOD SYMPTOMS: Long period of screaming and crying. Stomach pains.

Colic and projectile vomiting. Wriggly and very difficult to hold or cuddle.  May not crawl before walking. Seems to need less sleep than other children.  Stiff jerky movements.  Feeding problems.  Very early walking.  Destroys toys.  Head rocking and banging the cot. Continue reading