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Superwoman In Her 90th Year Shares Her Ideas On How To Stay Healthy

By Clare Swinney,      September 8th, 2009

Betty Hooper

Betty Hooper recently returned from a seven-week long holiday to Europe and displayed the tattoos she got while in Denmark. Her tattooist said she was the oldest client he had ever had. She said she did it for a dare. In light of the fact that Hooper, who will be 90 years old on her next birthday, still has her good health, a canny intellect and a love of life, while many her age are winding down, this is about her and her personal recipe for living a long, healthy life. Continue reading


Additives in Food Are the Primary Cause of ADHD

By Betty Hooper

For over 25 years I have collected a massive amount of evidence relating to the treatment of children diagnosed with ADHD, (Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).   The label ADHD, which is a fancy term for hyperactivity, was assigned by the American Psychiatric Association in the 1980’s, who following a show of  hands, created this new “disease,” which they stated was treatable, but not curable and attributable to brain dysfunction. Continue reading