Below are a few facts regarding research on hyperactivity:

1910  Dr George Gould discovered a relationship re: diet and behavior.

1940  Professor Ben Feingold ran trials regarding artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives plus salicylates, regarding diet.

1973  Drs Wendel and Beeb.  Controls done in prisons regarding excessive sugar. 75% of all prisoners had been diagnosed as hyperactive children.

1980  Criminologist, Dr Alexander Schauss ran trials in prisons re: diet.  The change of diet reduced bad moods and improved health.

1980  Dr Ron Pring ran excessive sugar trial re: hyperactivity.

1983  Dr M Vukkumen (Finland) Prisoners and hypoglycemia

1983  Barbara Reed (USA) Probation officer who did trials with people on probation. (I have her address to Congress regarding this).

1983  Dr Patricia Holborow (NZ) Diet and behavior

1986  Dr Jane Goldman  Diet and behavior

Dr John Wurtman,  USA.

*1990 The Shipley Project UK –  This was one of the best. Instigated by Inspector Peter Bennett, B.A./M.A., who took early retirement from the Yorkshire Police and did trials with the help of the medical team at Great Ormond St Hospital for Children in London.  Peter very kindly sent me the complete project.  He also came to NZ in 1995 and did a 3 week lecture tour, commencing in Whangarei, Northland.  The local District Commander, Les Lilley requested 2 copies and I understand there is one in the Justice Department, in Wellington.  If, and that’s a big if, any doctor would like a copy, I am happy to do one for a price.

There are loads of successful trials, too numerous to mention.

The question is why are we still allowing children to be medicated with psychiatric drugs?  Something that really bothers me is when the so-called NZ ADD & ADHA “expert” openly boasts he has given Ritalin to children under the age of six, the youngest being only two years old.  One only has to look at the Ritalin poster to see that this is criminal and amounts to THE LEGAL DRUG ABUSE OF CHILDREN.

Stop press: In the USA, anyone who has been on Ritalin can never enter the military when reaching adulthood.  What does that tell you about Ritalin?!


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