PRE_BIRTH: Extreme activity in the womb. Prolonged hiccups. Vigorous kicking, (some mothers have complained of bruised ribs).

BABY-HOOD SYMPTOMS: Long period of screaming and crying. Stomach pains.

Colic and projectile vomiting. Wriggly and very difficult to hold or cuddle.  May not crawl before walking. Seems to need less sleep than other children.  Stiff jerky movements.  Feeding problems.  Very early walking.  Destroys toys.  Head rocking and banging the cot.

TODDLER SYMPTOMS: Temper tantrums. Cries a lot. May sleep for only a few hoursTorments animals – is cruel.  Always on the go, excessively.  Tears around & wrecks things excessively.  Engages in seemingly inappropriate behavior, e.g. climbing into the washing machine or off garage roof with no sense of danger. Appears to have unusual strength. Periodically will run away from home.  Slow to speak.  Eats non-food substances, such as dirt, cat food, etc.  May speak reversal, eg TA for HAT.

ATTENTION: Inattentive. Distractible.  Cannot concentrate.  Cannot finish tasks or games.  Day dreaming, (mostly girls).  Off in a world of his/her own.  Seems unable to hear.

ACTIVITY: Fidgeting.  Finger tapping. Picking. Biting nails.  Restless legs.  Jumping up and down at mealtimes excessively. Throws self around, leaping, jumping and climbing excessively.  FASCINATION FOR FIRE, LEADING TO ARSON.

MOOD: Explosive and unpredictable.  Little tolerance. Impatient and demands must be met.  Overactive and excitable.  Tantrums and excessive screaming.  Very short tempered.  Easily upset.  Depressed. Obsessive.  Panics easily.  Changeable and moody.

RELATIONSHIPS WITH OTHERS: Thoughtless of others’ feelings. Disrespectful of property, breaks and steals things. Disobedient.  Unresponsive to punishment.  Will not keep to the rules set.  Aggressive, belligerent and mean.  Often the playground bully.  Violent.  Overly talkative.  Requires constant supervision.  Interrupts. Can be clingy and withdrawn.  Plays truant frequently.

PSYSICAL &/OR PHYSIOLOGICAL: Excessive thirst.   Excessive salivary production, (swallow or spits).   Poor temperature sense or control – always taking off or putting on clothes.   Excessive perspiration which may have an unusual odour.  Bad breath.  Dilated pupils. Clammy hands.  Pale often with dark circles under the eyes.  Puffiness under the eyes.

NEUROLOGICAL: Poor coordination.  Poor handwriting.  Difficultly in following lines.  Reversals in writing and spelling, (mirror writing, see below), which is often mistaken for dyslexia. Difficulty in riding a bike.  Difficulty in recognizing objects by tough.  Audio visual problems.  Squints.   HEALTH: May have frequent bouts of bronchitis, tonsillitis and glue ear.  Constant rhinitis, (watch for the “allergic salute”).  Urinary problems.  Bedwetting (sometimes into teenage years). Headaches. Pains in limbs and joints.  Tics. Diarrhoea.  Constipation.  Gassiness. Bloating. Nausea. Vomiting. Very poor eating habits (too little or too much often with a “favorite” food.  Inflammation of penis or vulva.  Fungal infections.  Poor sleep patterns and difficulty in getting sleep. Restless sleep.  Very loud snoring which can keep the whole household awake.  Nightmares. Very early waking.

NOTE:   Luckily all the symptoms do not occur all at once, but may present in any combination. Those in sections 3 and 4 do not mean the child is a baddie, only that she/he is suffering from intolerable internal stress, probably due to allergy with a sensitivity to food or chemicals.  Many children and adults have been helped via dietary changes.


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